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Fees & Payments

Fees & Payments

Best Home Tutor Nagpur (Since 2011) in Nagpur provides best quality and dedicated home tutors in Nagpur. Our Nagpur tutors charge the most reasonable tuition fees on hourly basis or monthly basis in all parts of Nagpur. But other tutor frequently asked for fees & payments in our system when you are completely not satisfied then please don’t pay because Our tutors in Nagpur are qualified, competent and experts in their respective subjects.

Who is a home tutor? What is his work? What are advantages and disadvantages of the home tutor?
All these questions arise in our mind before we start to find a good home tutor for our children. Home tutor is also known as a coach who provides individual guidance, direction and counsel to their students. As we see in a cricket match that the coach gives proper guidance, instruction and information to his players which help them to win a game, same work is also done here by the home tutor. The basic difference between a home tutor and a teacher is that the teacher is available in school and his duties get over as school is closed.

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